EPS Landscaping – lightweight fill application

Landscaping shapes can be done by using conventional soil or light weight screed / concrete, however Engineers & Architects face few challenges when they choose conventional material for light weight filling such as:


  • Weight constraint - a good light weight fill should be light enough not to negatively influence any stress or strain on the structure of the building;
  • Load bearing constraint- a good material should meet load specifications of the engineer;
  • Cost constraint- material must be cost effective when compared with conventional filling material available in the market;
  • Time Constraint; Work should be completed in timely manner;
  • Filling material should be easy to remove in the event of re-design over the course of its lifespan;
  • It should have good insulation, resilient, with good acoustic properties; and
  • to be in compliance with all Environment requirements such as Recycling & Sustainability.