Expanded Polystyrene is a superb material for use in piling construction; it can be easily removed or destroyed during the process, (if required). It is used by engineers as a guide tool to apply their piling procedures in a very accurate and controlled manner, which is critical in the positioning and alignment of the piles, resulting in structures that are exactly as specified.

BI-Tech has the machinery, and qualified and experienced staff, to produce the material as per your engineering drawings, and deliver to your site at the appropriate time.


  • EPS forms are produced to tight tolerances to achieve the important overlap required.
  • EPS forms are created in advance and offsite then shipped ready to use. Less space and time required onsite.
  • EPS forms are lightweight to move and set in place compared to options such as steel forms. Fast construction.
  • Only one central drawing is needed, that all stakeholders can refer to: better accuracy.
  • Lower cost than other materials due to its lightweight, quick and easy cutting into shape, low labour requirement.
  • EPS is environmentally friendly: no CFC’s / no HCFC’s / ozone favorable / 100% recyclable.